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my growing love for vintage pyrex <3

(pics found with google, as my camera sucks)

my first one.

my second find, only my big bowl is way more worn and scratched up.

found this today!

and this!

and this!

i love thrift stores!

belly dancer dilema

here's the poop:

the woman i've been dancing with for a while is teaching classes as a business (license and all), and she's got a few of us who are able to do shows, parades, whatnot. there's no improv, she only does choreography that she plans out herself. she's not separating troupe and classes, she still wants $10 a week either way (because she says she cant do anything for free). money goes to her pocket (rent, bills, etc) since we're dancing in her basement, so she's not buying any 'troupe' stuff with it. (and her son is always coming in and such..anyway..)

so i have to ask things like this: do i want to spend like $30-$40 or more to learn some moves to walk in a parade? or do a show?

i dont think i should have to pay to be in a troupe, i think troupe and classes should be separated, and as mark says 'the troupe promotes the teacher', so we pay to promote her?

i dont have an income, and i cant afford that, and if i'm not going to pay, then i'm out.

so its a big "thanks but no thanks".


feedback appreciated.

Sophie Update.

My little beasty is near running, as she's been walking for about 2 months or so already. Today she had her first grilled cheese sandwich; I broke bite sized pieces off for her and she had a few of those before deciding she wanted the sammy in her hand to nom on as she chose. SO CUTE.

A few days ago she cut her 4th bottom tooth, so hurraaaaah for teething baby. That night it was like she was possessed, and her head might as well have been spinning on her neck!

She's also discovered spinning. As in she spins around a few times and falls over dizzy to the floor, and then she'll toss herself around and throw her head back and then get up and do it all over again. I knew she was crazy.

I cannot believe she'll be a year old at the end of the month. ALREADY?! 'They' are right when they say that time flies.. that baby stage is so *short*! I know why women have more than one kid.. hehee.
So I've been nerding it up on my sewing machine as of late, and I've decided to make her a birthday present, since all the cool stuff on my mind she's still too young for. I'm making her a dress! I guess its more tunic style, simple enough, using gray plaid pj pant material, it will snap at the shoulders I think. I've got all the hems done, and now I'm just adding some pretty bits, ric rac and lace to girly it up. I think it'll be cute. :D I might make her a couple other things, who knows.

I've been a crafty gal lately! Even though my Facebook group/shop isnt selling anything. SIGH. (COME ON PEOPLE!)

Otherwise I cant think of anything else. Life is going along nicely. I'm trying to fill up my weeks with more baby groups and such before I go stir crazy.

mini-album kit giveaway!

This is totally awesome.

Clickity click to the giveaway page!

This kit is so cute, and the colors are gorgeous, I love the use of craft paper instead of the usual white. I'm itching to try this out!

i loves my baby.

she finishes her bottle, and sits up. belches. gives a big happy sigh. starts crawling around, stops to fart, and continues on her way.

New Years Resolutions and such.

% One big one is to De-clutter and De-crap our house.
One storage room has shelves, and its great, but there is a lot of crap that is never used sitting on those shelves and taking up valuable space. The other room, the closed in garage, is a mini dump. There is crap laying everywhere, nothing organized, and nothing accessible. I have this reoccurring pull to dive in there and tackle the mess. I recently attacked my closet and some bed linens and hauled out two garbage bags full of items that were never used in the past year. Here and there I gather up more junk, and eventually haul it away. The Salvation Army thrift store loves me! :P I am trying to put a cap on my shopping, and especially buying stuff for Sophie. She has all she needs if not more, and needs nothing else. If I find an all natural or organic alternative that wont cost me a ridiculous amount, sure I'll switch it up. Toys? On top of the plushies I kept from when I was a kid, she has more than enough, and especially rattles and other little baby things (which I do have to point out that most of it was bought used, yay thrifting!) It's hard to keep on that mind set when something awesome and cute happens to appear in front of me.

% No more microwavable popcorn.
OK. We bought an air popper, and a jar of kernels. We like our popcorn, and I figured we could at least go about it in a healthier way.

% Being even MORE Eco-friendly!
Recently while surfing through the internet, I have stumbled across some new ideas that have really had me thinking. Plastic, and trying to lessen my use of it. Buying things with with paper wrappers/recycled/recyclable packaging instead, no more treat bags, cat food bags, etc.

With birthdays hovering close, I've been thinking of parties, and Sophie's in particular. When I think of birthday parties I think of all the crap that comes with them. Balloons, hats, disposable plates and such, party crap. While I've already spent a few bucks at the dollar store on such items, being fairy themed napkins, hats, noise makers and balloons; I look back and think "CRAP!" Why didn't I think about being 'green' with this party process? Do one year old babies really need party goody bags? All that other crap? NO. So I am seriously thinking about good-willing the party crap, and starting over. But my brain has been here and there on things, and I forget stuff sometimes, etc.

% Finally buying the must have house/yard stuff.
The hose wheel, so the hose doesn't crack and break like it did last year, unless it already has. Hrm. The water barrel, for crappy rainy days like this.

% Setting up the green house properly and use it to its fullest instead of letting things die off.

% Lessening my time on the computer. Yeah. It's a ... uh .. work in progress.
happy holidays and all that.

i just found christmas leftovers that had been forgotten about, in my fridge. eww..

i've had some new years resolutions on the brain lately and sofar they consist of:
* no more microwavable popcorn. we bought an air popcorn and kernels. time to do popcorn a little more healthier.
* no more grilled cheese sammies. i think we eat pretty decently most of the time, but we're feeling like we're getting fatter again, so its time to pay a little more attention to our diets.
* going to keep up my 'no tp for pp' rule. i've been slacking. :P
* find new ways to be more eco-friendly. or save up the cash to do so. hah.

my knee bruised up the other day. its done this a few times before, but i have no idea why. usually, i'll kneel one day and it'll hurt, and BAM. bruisey goodness. i dont get it.

i've pretty much stopped trying to tame my bedhead, or brush it. my hair is at that 'getting longer and shaggy' stage. i usually just put a hat over it now.

sophie's standing on her own a bit more and getting better with her balance and such. she'll be cutting her 4th upper tooth soon. i'm already planning out her first birthday party. can you believe it? holy crap.
i am SO keen on her getting a play kitchen. hoping my dad can build one up for her for her birthday rather than my spending over $100 for one. oi.

today i heard a little boy say 'piss off!' to a little girl. funniest thing ever.

i want to buy the new wii game 'just dance' and make people dance at my birthday party. i think it'll go over better than karaoke. right? right.

the last thing i've knitted up were some play cookies for sophie. i havent sold anything either. sad.

and now i have to go change a poopy diaper.


Best. Socks. EVER.

I bought them today at the yarn store in town. I've been wanting a pair of knitted socks, but I've never knitted
a pair before and I've been feeling lazy about it. Totally worth the $23 I paid for them. ZING!

Sophie is now 8 months old as of yesterday. She has a top tooth working its way out, making her a real peach to be
around. She's working on her balance, and she wants to walk. God help us.

I now have both and , in hopes to kick my imagination in the ass, start thinking outside the box, and
rediscover my inner artist, who went into hiding some time ago. I've worked a bit on WTJ, and TINAB was only purchased the other day. I like
seeing them. I like holding them. I like knowing they're there. Much like all the SARK books I have.
More inspirational/motivational/self-help type books. START WORKING ALREADY.

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life update.

i am a horrible blogger, i know. i usually stick with the line "same old same old", and i never think my life is interesting enough. i need to get over this.

Sophie is crawling, chasing cats around the house, pulls herself up on furniture, anything she can, your legs. she's now working on her balance, as she'll pull herself up and let go for a few seconds, before either grabbing hold again or falling on her butt. she's a talker and a mover. doesnt like to sit still unless she's got some awesome toy to play with. i baked up an acorn squash for her the other day which gave me 5 little containers full, woo! and then i caved and bought her some different jarred foods at walmart. i gave her some 'vegetables and beef' yesterday and all she did was sit there and cry. she ate it, but i dont think she liked it, lol. i set up her potty the other day just so she can start looking at it and checking it out. she's only got the two bottom teeth sofar, but i think her top ones are coming in, she's getting bitey again. nice head of hair coming in though its a little shaggy around her ears, lol. i should buy her a hair clip or something. i'm going to try and hold myself back from buying her anything till hopefully after christmas now. can you believe in 4 1/2 months she'll be a year old? cripe, now i have to start thinking about her birthday party. MAH BABEH IS GROWIN UP!

i'm loving those damn cushions with the crochet covers. i bought 4 of them that day. haha.

i set up a group on FB to see if i can sell any of the stuff i make. "Made by Fran". there's a few pairs of beaded earrings, little notebooks, and some little knitted pouches and a few other things. pretty dead sofar though. i'm hoping to make more stuff, try some new things, but as with everything else, we'll see how it goes, right? *points at sophie!*

im doing alright. much better since i started taking a pill called 5HTP. i no longer wake up pissed off and sad. no more days off 'fuck the world! i wanna die!' i take it before bed and it also helps me sleep better. so life's been pretty decent. i still go to a couple baby groups, may try a few others as well. trying to get a couple friendships going, trying to keep in touch with the other mamas from the prenatal class, but as with babies, its hard for people to get out of the house and such. i've been belly dancing a bit again. was in one show and it went pretty well. taking some classes again with a lady i know, so we get along great too. sofar this year i've been in 1 show, 1 festival, and 1 parade. and i may be dancing with her tonight for Midnight Madness. we'll see.

i miss the game nights we used to have. we're hopefully going to have another one soon, but people in this town are so used to their normal routine, or dont usually go out, that the last game night or two we've had here werent really as good as they could have been. c'mon people! damnit!